Cody Gordon

Eugene, OR


I'm an entrepreneur, seasoned CRM expert, experienced product manager, and an ardent student in all aspects of digital marketing and growth hacking. I put everything I've learned (and learn everyday) to use in my online business. I want to help you get your business idea off the ground.

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Have a great business idea? I can teach you how to figure out if it's actually viable and build a "miniumum viable audience" to test it.

I was an Information Systems Director in NYC for 6 years before starting my first SaaS business early last year, which focused on solving problems for on non-profit field engagement teams. I am currently working on my second business, developing digital products for musicians to learn marketing. I spend most (okay, all) of my free time reading about content marketing, growth hacking, startups, and bootstrapped business best practices. I just moved to Eugene from NYC, and I'm loving it here!

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