Kayleigh Clark (Bush)

San Diego, CA


I am currently involved in the business of Health & Nutrition. I run a wellness blog (KayleighChristina.com) with over 80,000 monthly views, a health coaching business, recipe development, fitness training, and with that comes my social media platforms, speaking events and presentations, and collaborations.

Services Offered


Learn how to take quality pictures for social media and your website. Learn what type and style of pictures will keep people engaged.

I take my own photos for my social media accounts and website. I grew my Instagram from 0-12,000 followers in 1 year and my website from 0-80,000 viewers per month in 1 year.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Social Media

Learn how to create a targeted social media post with…



Learn how to market yourself or your business across social…



Learn how to brand your business for the clientele you want…



Learn targeted yoga poses for your specific needs and goals.



Learn about modifications you can make to your diet to see…



Learn meditation techniques that can improve your focus,…


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