I really enjoy connecting other artists to create and learn from one another. I am a visual arts performer. I am also a teacher. I spend most of my time (when I'm not training) picking mushrooms and mining crystal in the mountains with my sweetie and my three large dogs. I love life.

Services Offered

Dance fitness hula hoop

I can teach anything from beginners to Advanced moves and…


Crystal mining

I'll take you to the good spot, loan you the tools and dig…

Hourly rate varies


I can sew anything from wedding dress to upholstery and I…

Hourly rate varies


Do you wanna learn how to make just about any style of…

Hourly rate varies


Having trouble staying healthy? I have several tips and…

Hourly rate varies


I could teach some chords or a song. I can teach you how to…

Hourly rate varies

Mushroom picking

Learn the Identification of several different gourmet edible…

Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

I want to know I love sailing before I buy and repair a boat I'm interested in.… Read More
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