Dominic Kukla

Portland, OR
I love to help people find their happy, authentic, and powerful selves.
I am a consultant, entrepreneur, rapper, community organizer, and eternal student.
My journey has… Read More

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Skills Offered

Purpose Consulting
Design your Definite Major Purpose in life, create an…
Rapping, Songwriting
Learn the methods to improve you lyricism and flow from me,…
Engaging with Strangers
Need to convince people you've never met of something…
Hourly rate varies

Help Requested

Team Building
How have you gotten people to join your movement, organization, team?
Requesting a favor
Civic Education
Know what people can do to impact the world through local political action?… Read More
Can trade: Coffee
I like giving massages but have never gotten formal training. I would love to… Read More
Can pay: $20

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