Drew Parrish

Seattle, WA


I am a writer based in Seattle, WA looking to expand my network and share my passion for the English language. I hope to engage a diversity of subjects, and help the community learn.

Services Offered


Improve voice, continuity of ideas, syntax, grammar, vocabulary, persuasiveness, readability, and overall quality of writing.

I have been engaging many different academic and creative subjects through writing for the past 10 years. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my own writing during that time, and am able to recreate the steps that led to that. I have a an acute eye for quality critical analysis, argumentative flow, compelling syntax, and a strong sense for capitalizing on the English language. I have proven ability to instruct and adapt to a student.

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audio production

Introduce the basics and begin unwinding the web of minute…

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Improve overall focus, syntax, grammar, vocab, and other…


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