Cameron Macfarlane

Portland, OR


Hello, my name is Cameron Macfarlane. I am a web developer by profession. I enjoy backpacking and photography. I am also a life time guitar player.

Here is my site:

I primarily write code in PHP and JavaScript. My current frameworks of choice are Laravel 5.1 and Backbone.js. I have logged 1000s of hours programming and I'm comfortable writing front end and back end… Read More

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PHP,JavaScript, CSS

Learn how to setup an App in Laravel on AWS.

I've been coding since the young age of 12. I used to focus more on design (HTML/tables/simple graphics) however now I am doing the whole process: Object oriented PHP (Laravel 5.1) , Backbone.js, CSS (Bootstrap), and deployments on AWS. I work on Ubuntu Linux which I can help you install if interested, but I also use Mac OS. I can help you get a local development environment up, begin writing code, and launch an App of your choice.

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How to use manual mode on camera to take long exposures

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