John Rose

New York, NY


I am a freelance singer, actor and writer in New York City. I have three music degrees, one from Yale, and an undergraduate minor in Russian language and literature. I am a published academic writer specializing in eighteenth century English poetry, and also have some experience in French, German, and Spanish.

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In an hour I could help clean up a couple pages of writing, emphasizing the fundamentals of good communication and organization.

I am a published academic writer, specializing in the work of the eighteenth century English poet Christopher Smart, about whom I have written essays and a book. I also worked for several years as a proofreader in various New York City law firms, and for the last several years have been proofreading and writing news releases for a New York classical music publicist. I have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of writing and editing, can help with academic writing subjects like citation and formal styles, and can teach you how to communicate with your writing more clearly and directly.

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In an hour I could show you what your bad habits are and…



An hour is not much for this language. I could show you how…


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