Amanda Messick

Auburn, WA


I am currently one of the primary photographers at Sanders & Messick, LLC as well as being a Young Living essential oils distributor. I am also a mother of two. I love working with computers, cameras, and marketing.

Services Offered photo editing

I can show you how to edit photos in PicMonkey, and we can go through the edits that can be done with both their free and paid accounts.

I've been using PicMonkey in depth for approximately two years to edit photos as a professional photographer. I've learned many work-around's to make a free account work to make photo edits, as well as using their upgraded membership features to make photo edits, so I can say with confidence which tips and tricks work best to edit photos. I've used PicMonkey to edit portraits, weddings, and real estate photos.

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils can help with so many things, and is such a…


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