Konrad Alden McKane

Portland, OR


My name is Konrad Alden McKane of the clan McKane. I am the progenitor, the protector, procreator, and the patriarchal chief. I am a rogue scholar, subtlety is my strong suit. My words are my weapons, a rapier (my wit) and a dagger (my charm). I'm strong, stoic, courageous, beneficent, independent, indifferent, and socially adjusted. I'm authentic, genuine, modest, self-effacing and unpretentious… Read More

Services Offered

Sword fighting

I can help you develop proper technique and freestyle sword…



I use an enchanted map and a seven card spread that offer…



Proper techniques, simple beats, flare, stick tricks.…


Member References

“Konrad is,an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend booking a… Read More
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Feb 4, 2017 11:48 PM

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