Nicole Belleisle

Vancouver, WA


I have been working for myself on an independent contractor basis, for about 5 years now, maintaining a number of clients in the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver, WA.

Services Offered


Assist with designing an attractive, well-compiled, interactive website, including a user-friendly layout, working buttons, SEO, etc.

I have a substantial amount of hands-on experience with completely designing & maintaining several multi-page websites. As well as updating/redesigning, adding forms/buttons that can be submitted/are printable, increased SEO with analytics, embed media, fully customize all page layout/design details or use one of the many themes/templates available for WordPress websites, create a newsletter & sign up widget, social media widgets, interactive real time appointment scheduling integrated with your calendar/schedule, & the list just goes on! I can help you successfully design that website you've really been wanting but didn't know where to start! 👍

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