I've been a boudoir and wedding photographer for 12 years, as well as a fine art photographer with a few gallery shows under my belt. I love photography and sharing it with others.

Services Offered

Basic Photoshop & Lightroom

Process digital images in Lightroom, make adjustments to exposure, color, and metadata. Edit & Enhance images with photoshop.

BS in Digital Photography & Design

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

digital photography

Learn the basics of digital photography, using a DSLR,…

Hourly rate varies


Learn to take better photographs with digital cameras and/or…

Hourly rate varies

Photo retouching

Edit or enhance digital images to better meet your needs or…


Posing for Boudoir photography

Learn how to pose people of all sizes, in flattering ways…


Art projects

I can assess your skills, interests, available materials,…


Inexpensive handmade gifts

I can show you how to take an ugly or beat up item and turn…


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