I grew up in N.Y.C. in a colourful environment. I lived in England and Europe as a teenager and played and toured in many a rock band as I worked through my B.F.A. at the Art Institute in San Francisco and later in Portland at P.N.C.A. I have also tutored in Art History and Figure Drawing (the Figure in Action and Abstraction) and currently reside in Portland, Oregon, where I am Painting, Drawing… Read More

Services Offered

writing, copy editing

I could help someone to 'tighten up' their writing, or I could copy edit manuscripts

I have years of writing experience, I was a staff journalist for Puncture magazine for many years, and learned copy editing skills from my mother who was a professional editor

Knowledge level


Other Skills

paintng, drawing, art history

How to draw, and/or paint, incorporating perspective,…


mentoring, emotional support

emotional support, psych counseling, wholistic advice, dream…

Hourly rate varies

tarot, psychic work, astrology

tarot reading, psychic readings and/or clearings, energy…


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