Kelsey Coffrin

Minneapolis, MN


I am currently launching my own startup while helping other businesses with marketing strategy, creative, media planning and buying. I have over eight years of experience working on top brands - as a Brand Marketer at Target Corporation and as a Media Supervisor at Wieden + Kennedy working on Old Spice and Converse. Working at these places and on these brands has given me a depth of skills that I… Read More

Services Offered

Media Planning

Based on business goals, build a media plan including: budget, channel allocation, success metrics, optmization, etc

I worked as a media planner and buyer for over five years on top clients including Old Spice and Converse. I am able to take a marketing strategy and turn it into actionable media recommendations - which channels to buy, how to negotiate the rate, recommended reach and frequency, budget recommendations based on the audience, location, timeframe. My undestanding of the media landscape spans across traditional channels (print, radio, OOH, etc.) and digital/social channels (search, facebook, pinterest, insta.)

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Other Skills

Marketing Strategy

Translate business needs into actionable marketing…


Media Buying

Based on the media plan recommendation, I will compose the…

Hourly rate varies

Social Media

Based on biz goals, develop a strategy by platform…

Hourly rate varies

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