Kelsey Coffrin

Minneapolis, MN


I am currently launching my own startup while helping other businesses with marketing strategy, creative, media planning and buying. I have over eight years of experience working on top brands - as a Brand Marketer at Target Corporation and as a Media Supervisor at Wieden + Kennedy working on Old Spice and Converse. Working at these places and on these brands has given me a depth of skills that I… Read More

Services Offered

Marketing Strategy

Translate business needs into actionable marketing strategies

I have been working at top agencies and corporations for the last 8 years, specifically at Wieden + Kennedy and Target. I am able to understand a business need and turn that into marketing strategies while working closely with partners across merchandising, consumer insights, agencies, etc.

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Other Skills

Media Planning

Based on business goals, build a media plan including:…


Media Buying

Based on the media plan recommendation, I will compose the…

Hourly rate varies

Social Media

Based on biz goals, develop a strategy by platform…

Hourly rate varies

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