I live a life of beauty and freedom, investing myself fully in projects that capture my imagination and interests. I spend some part of everyday running, weight training, doing pilates or walking the yellow lab who loves me back. Whatever I do, I'm all in, including travel, reading, learning and uplifting my life so I can be of service to others from a place of caring and strength.

Services Offered


I can edit anything you've written or teach you a framework to use to make any of your writing more persuasive.

I'm a good writer by nature and have spent my entire life writing and editing for others. I also spent 10 years as Editor in Chief for a magazine. I currently freelance edit blog posts, marketing and sales materials, as well as writing commercial copy etc.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

video blog production

Mapping out a plan that includes equipment, set design,…


vacation planning

I can teach you where to look for the MOST unique things to…


plant identification and care

I can help you identify all the plants in your home garden…


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