Meghan Roguschka

Savannah, GA


I am a baker with extensive knowledge of pastry making and traditional sourdough methods.

I am also a writer, editor, and media strategist with expert proficiency in AP style, Chicago style, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Avid Pro Tools, and Wordpress. I completed my Master's coursework in media (and food focused) anthropology at Harvard University and received my B.A. from Sarah… Read More

Services Offered


I can help someone write a blog entry, marketing email, ad, cover letter, resume, personal statement, short bio, or short news article.

I write original content for academic institutions, freelance clients, and digital media companies including Serious Eats, Confetti Kitchen, CoLab Radio, and Anchor and Leap.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


I can show you how to set up your blog, customize a…



I'll apply my background in baking to help you learn how to…


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