Deyanira B Haro

Seattle, WA


I am a multifaceted artist, I enjoy and practice many different things but above all I am a great teacher. It is one thing to be able to do the skills but motivation and inspiring others to succeed in the skills you are teaching them is another thing —one I certainly excel at! I am great at many things art and design and I am even better at teaching them. I get you to where you wanna be with your… Read More

Services Offered


Learn how to organize anything in the most efficient manner. Let the energy flow better in your home or office by learning to organize!

I can help you organize your life better. With over ten years of practice organize closets, drawers, and storage units I can help enhance your space and your life!

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Learn how to edit and enhance photos; with things like…



Learn how to design magazines, flyers or whatever print…



Spanish lessons based around what interest YOU, with…



Learn how to quiet the mind, let though flows, and meet and…


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