To me, a perfect world is one in which everyone has access to the systems and resources needed to advance their ideas and projects. I am solving this challenge using games, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Currently work:
Growing Second Shift, a coworking space I co-founded.

Teaching entrepreneurship and communication studies at DePaul University.

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Understand photography basics including aperture, shutter, ISO, focus, and shooting techniques.

I've taken a gajillion pictures using a DSL-R.

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Business Plans

Understand what a business plan is, does, and when it is…


Public Speaking

Understand how to prepare and execute excellent…



Understand how to create a convincing entrepreneurial pitch,…



What is gamification, what are the parts, pieces and tools,…


Coworking Management

Understand how to build and manage a coworking space,…



Understand how to create a persuasive presentation or…



How be an phenomenal interviewee and by excellent…


Resume creation

Craft a stand-out resume that catches attention of hiring…


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