Mercedes J

North Hills, CA


I currently freelance in Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design, Concept Art, and Animation. I am also a student at FSU working on a BA in Computer Animation.

All of my skill teachings are available through customized video tutorials in order to accommodate students out of area or with difficult schedules.

Services Offered


I can teach how to create and edit webpages through the WordPress platform and how to navigate through the tools and use them appropriately.

I help manage several websites on this platform for my clients. I focus on themes already provided and how to edit them as well as utilizing plug-ins.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


I can teach the basic fundamentals of the program and…



I can teach the fundamentals of the program, and for…



I can teach the fundamentals of the program, and for…



I can teach beginners level of blocking out objects and how…



I can teach drawing basics all the way through fully…


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