Patrick Wells

Portland, OR
I thoroughly enjoy the creative aspect of coding and the opportunities that it affords me to build applications. There is something enormously satisfying about building something… Read More

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Skills Offered

I can help with designing a basic website (HTML, CSS,…
DIY Housework
I can help you organize a garage, spruce up a garden, fix a…
Treehouse Building
Let me help you build a treehouse!

Help Requested

I'm interested in learning/perfecting my Spanish speaking skills. I wouldn't say… Read More
Can pay: $15
I'm interested in learning some go-to recipes that I can use for special… Read More
Can pay: $35
I'm interested in practicing/learning the basics of tango. Please help!
Can pay: $20
Fly Tying
I'm interested in learning how to tie my own fly fishing flies. I've been… Read More
Can pay: $25

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