Carter Dye G.J.G.

Portland, OR


I'm the guide to your next generation's heirloom jewelry. From a short conversation I can sketch, design, manufacturer and deliver to you, your visions. For 25 years I have been developing an uncanny skill that has yet to be unappreciated. I have 8 professional diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America. I build the jewelry around very specific requirements like budget, lifestyle and… Read More

Services Offered

Custom jewelry design and repair

Soldering/Polishing jewelry

Carter Dye has been passionate about creating the perfect accessories for over 25 years. Carter's beginnings in the industry had him designing as a hobby at the early age of 14. His propensity for art and innate creativity led him to pursue his love as his career, and earned him 8 degrees from the Gemological Institute of America where he graduated at the top of his class. The ability to work with any metal, any stone, sketch any design, within just about any budget, is the tip of the iceberg for this talented craftsman. While Carter is very proficient and experienced in the art of design and manufacturing, he finds that the most rewarding part of the business is the opportunity to interact with his clients. A people person by nature, he enjoys the process of creating that special piece as unique as the person who wears it. To be part of an heirloom that will be in a family for generations to come is a powerful relationship. Because Carter is so versatile and able to work with any medium, he can also work within the scope of your budget. While many master jewelers are only willing to work with precious stones and metals, Carter can build your dream piece around your realistic budget. As a member of Custom Made, Carter looks forward to building an extensive testimonial archive to add to his existing list of happy clients.

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Auto body repair
Dent pulling and paint touch ups.
Can trade: Jewelry Design and repair.

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“I've always been impressed with Carter's craftsmanship and his beautiful… Read More
on Custom jewelry design and repair

Mar 1, 2017 6:05 AM

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