Will Elder

Seattle, WA


I'm a visual artist trained in sculpture, writing, curatorial studies and architecture. I graduated with a BFA from Portland State University in 2015. In the last 5 years, I've assisted in multiple arts and music festival productions, was an arts writer at an alternative weekly newspaper, and was a curatorial lead in charge of programming for an alternative artist-run space and a student-run… Read More

Services Offered


Form an outline and structuring your content for an essay, a grant report, or other reportable document. Writing original content.

I've been a freelance writing tutor, and have copyedited many grant applications for myself and others in an arts administrative and individual capacity. I have familiarity with academic and editorial conventions in writing from my time in school writing essays, gallery copy, and original articles for an alternative weekly newspaper.

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Efficiently clean-up documents, including project…


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