Alisa Natal

Seattle, WA


I'm a Seattle based graphic designer, website developer and illustrator. I love working with entrepreneurs and small business or teaching employees of larger companies to be more efficient and effective in what they're doing. I've been teaching others in creative digital skills in both individual and classroom settings for over 20 years (and no, I'm not that old, just started young!)

Services Offered


Build a basic website. Choose a theme and learn how to customize it to fit their needs. Learn how to inspect and edit css correctly.

I'm a Wordpress developer with an impressive portfolio of websites designed and developed in Wordpress. I have done the design and development both from templates (themes) and from scratch.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Basic photoshop skills. Learn to edit, crop and optimize…



Learn the basics, learn to use it more efficiently or learn…



Learn the basics for efficient layout, design your first…


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