Jimmy Villafranca

Portland, OR


I am patient, empathetic, and I ask lots of questions. I prioritize the interests of the student and move at a pace set by the student. I have about a decade of experience in teaching and education - all sorts of stuff to people of all ages in a variety of professional and informal settings, from bike mechanics, guitar, and bread-baking to writing and math. I have the most experience with… Read More

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Want support with that academic paper? Or maybe yr writing a play, or looking for feedback on yr short stories? I've done it, I can help.

If there's one thing I took away from all those years in school, it was a grasp of how to do things with words. I don't claim to be the best, rather I claim to have been successful in my own ventures as a writer/editor. That is, I have strategies that work for me, and I would be excited to share them w/ you and adapt them to suit your goals. I can help you find your voice, and guide you in conveying it with style - precision, clarity, vividness, humor, whatever. Except poetry. I'm not that good at poetry.

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All the secrets for how to jam! ...the basics:…


Bike Mechanics

If you want to learn how to fix your bike, let's talk. I've…


Academic Tutor

If you're looking for a bit of extra support, like for your…



Unfinished projects? Stuff too cluttered? Let's get you more…


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