Sara Carpenter-Huynh

Portland, OR


I'm a composer, lyricist, and writer living in Portland, Oregon. I love to help and teach others and I specialize in explaining things so that YOU can understand and remember them. I will never talk down to you - you're already a smart, capable person! I want to share my knowledge in a way that helps both of us.

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Services Offered


Grammar, punctuation, or editing help. Basic English parts of speech, explained in a way YOU can understand! Simple help you can remember.

I scored nearly perfectly on my ACT English and reading tests. I made good grades in English when I was in college and often helped friends edit class papers and personal projects. I tutored English for several years online and in person.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

American Sign Language

10 basic signs and how to use them - Deaf culture and how to…

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Traditional piano lessons - Ear training - Vocal training -…

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How to use the easiest (in my opinion) free music writing…

Hourly rate varies

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