Jean Paul Limage

Arverne, NY


Well. . let's see, I just retired from the Marine Corps 5 months ago after 6 years as a Data Networking Technician. Whew, that wasn't tasteful at all except for the people I met and realizing that I knew not what I was truly capable of when it came down to it. I am now a Spoken Word Poet delightfully enjoying doing collaborations with fellow Artists from every artistic form of expression. I intend… Read More

Services Offered

Network Marketing

Honest guidance, doing 2on1's, being an accountability partner, showing you how to do a presentation, representing a concept larger than us.

I have been closely involved with a specific Network Marketing company for nearly 5 years. I have been trained by top earners, and have a wonderful team. Very confident in doing presentations and severely enjoy helping another understand how thinking differently can add unknown value to one's life.

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