Andrew Button

Toronto, ON


I am a professional copywriter, web designer and Wordpress consultant. I have over 5 years' experience with virtually all areas of digital marketing, including advertising creative, PPC management, content marketing, SEO, analytics, ecommerce and more. My clients have included hundreds of small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as a few fortune 500 companies. My extensive experience qualifies me… Read More

Services Offered

Web design

Basics of HTML5. Basics of CSS3. Basics of Wordpress. Basic UI design. (Very) basic PHP. Design aesthetics (color scheme, fonts, images)

I have been a part time web designer and Wordpress consultant for more than 3 years. I know how to build websites, design Wordpress themes, create Wordpress plugins, and write PHP scripts. My expertise is more on the aesthetic and UI side of design than heavy-duty programming.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


How to write a cold email. How to do a phone…


Business writing.

How to write a sales email. How to write a blog post. How to…


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