I am a marketing, advertising, web and graphic design professional. I have worked with many clients from all over Portland and some international brands.

My strength is marketing and communication strategy. I can help you focus your project in the best light to get it off the ground. Marketing is all about aligning what you are trying to do with the best way do it. Then go to work.

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Services Offered

Web & Usability Help

I can help you plan, build, optimize, sell, promote, market or overhaul your website.

I have been working as a marketing and web professional for several years. I have provided clients with many web services from PPC ad management, website design, graphic design, web usability and many more.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


I can teach almost all aspects of Photoshop. Let me know…



I can help create or teach anyone about online or marketing…



I can teach you about professional photography, workflow,…



Ask me anything about recording and I could probably help.


Job, Resume & LinkedIn Help

Plan your job strategy, make a marketing plan for YOU! It's…


Business Strategy

I can help you create a solid business strategy for startups…


Online Education

Finding the best spots to learn online can be challenging. I…


PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Everything you want to know. Ads, platforms, click metrics,…


SEM & Internet Search Help

Best practices, what to know, what you need to do, all that…


Adobe Creative Cloud

What programs do what, how they all connect and purchasing…


Amazon Set-up & Seller Coaching

Want to sell things on Amazon but don't know how? I can help…


Member References

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