Ethan Wright

Portland, OR


I am an in-house and freelance graphic designer focusing on print. I design magazines, marketing literature, advertisements, packaging, and more.
I have worked with startups and non profits on branding, logos, business cards, and flyers. I have also worked with established companies within their style guide creating ads, brochures, technical documents, and banners for trade shows.
I have tutored… Read More

Services Offered

Graphic Design

Learn the foundations of building layouts for brochures and…



From beginner to advance, I can help you with your project…



Photo Retouching! Learn how to edit photos and manipulate…



Learn how to set up documents for books, magazines, or…


Gigs Posted

Web Design and Sketch
I'm an experienced designer, mostly in print, but I want to become updated on… Read More
Can pay: $30

Member References

“It was a delight working with Ethan on his portfolio. He has great design… Read More
on Graphic Design

Dec 5, 2016 9:55 PM

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