I'm a drummer of 22 years, who's been living in Portland and Oregon for the last 20 of those years. Happy to help out where I can.

Services Offered

Drum Lessons

I could help you learn the basics of drumming.

Been drumming for 22 years now. I can help learn drumming technique, how to read percussion staff music, rehearsal techniques for improving the rate of learning, and composition of percussion parts. I also dabble in other musical realms if you want to collaborate.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Adobe Illustrator

In an hour I could teach you the very basics of illustrator…


Music Business Consulting

Need advice on managing your act? Setting up a marketing…


Adobe Premier Basics training

Looking to get started with Adobe Premiere? I can help you…


Make Quick Social Media Graphics

Looking to make quick graphics for social media? I can teach…


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“Charlie is an amazingly energetic and precise drummer. His knowledge of… Read More
on drumming

Dec 29, 2016 4:55 PM

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