Andrew Cawley

Seattle, WA


I caretaker and manage an 80 acre property on Orcas island and have a cheoy lee offshore 40, 12 ton vessel. And a Buccaneer 25 sailboat. Along with a '89 Necky sea kayak

Services Offered


Tying knots and harnessing wind. Or complicated maneuvers,…

Hourly rate varies


So much to list. What could I not teach in an hour may be…

Hourly rate varies


How to make raw cacao chocolate.

Hourly rate varies


Use Stihl 041 av super and ms210. Can cut, trim, limb, prune…

Hourly rate varies


Sand or repair a hardwood floor, lay a new one, and what…

Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

Interested in working on the largest humanitarian project humanity has ever… Read More
Can pay: $10

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