Mary Avalon

Portland, OR


In addition to working on a masters in education at Portland State University, I currently attend the Center for Executive & Professional Education pursuing the Online Marketing Strategies certificate. I previously worked for Portland Public schools tutoring students in grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing integrating the arts and gardening projects into curriculum design.
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Photography basics; composition, lighting, story telling, creativity, presentation; and, using manual camera settings.

I have been photographing people and landscapes for over 25 years. I originally learned photography (in high school) using film (and the darkroom) and started using digital cameras 3 years ago. I am interested in capturing spontaneous moods and emotions and can show you how to seek out those moments, and even be prepared for them! I have experimented with natural and artificial lighting and appreciate the beauty and merit of both. I can teach you how to use the manual settings on your camera including ISO, white balance, and shutter speeds. I've taught in grade schools, high schools and community centers and am currently pursuing a masters degree in education at Portland State University. I love teaching and the exploration that goes along with learning.

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