Computer Geek, writer, podcaster who enjoys teaching those who are in need of increasing their computer skills and internet know how. I can show you how to browse safely and anonymously, how to navigate the so called darknet, how to use your device, code writing and more. Just about any computer related lesson you can think of including software applications and how to find most for free in the… Read More

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I can write anything, anywhere, about any subject any time.

Professional writer, journalist, for over ten years.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills

Internet Safety/Security

Learn how to browse the internet privately, safely and…

Hourly rate varies

Computer Skills

I can show you how to setup a new PC, how to navigate your…

Hourly rate varies

Windows Command Prompt Intro

Learn how to manage your system via the command panel or…

Hourly rate varies

Better Private Browsing Skills

Learn about VPN, how to hide your IP, Tor, safest browsers…

Hourly rate varies

Internet Basics

Want to do more than check mail and social media? Learn how…

Hourly rate varies

Mobile Device Basics

Learn how to unlock the power of your mobile phone and set…

Hourly rate varies

Computer Tutoring

Whatever you need help learning in computers I can provide…

Hourly rate varies

Intro To Quantum Mechanics

Curious about the subatomic world? Learn the basics of what…



Learn what you need to setup your very own podcast, even how…

Hourly rate varies

Intro To The "Darknet"

Learn the truth about the so called Darknet and how to…

Hourly rate varies

Academic Tutoring

Teaching Ability…


Guitar Lessons

I have been practising for over twenty years. Self taught so…



I can teach basics of audio recording in a home environment…

Hourly rate varies


Learn the basics of how to understand the greatest of…

Hourly rate varies

Gigs Posted

Argument Review
Let me recite my argument for an upcoming debate while you take notes and offer… Read More
Can pay: $15

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