Chris Mattenberger

Portland, OR


I am a classically trained rocket scientist with a passion for space exploration, world travel and live music. I grew up building things around the house with my Dad and love making with my hands. I have played a lot of instruments over the years and very much enjoy jamming with folks on my harmonicas. I love meeting new people, sharing experiences and discussing the philosophical implications of… Read More

Services Offered

spacecraft design

Understand the basic function of the essential systems required to operate both crewed and uncrewed spacecraft in low-Earth orbit.

I am a classically trained Aerospace Engineer with experience implementing risk-informed design of both crewed and uncrewed spacecraft.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

college preparation tutor

Tutoring college prerequisites in Math & Science, coaching…


college tutor

Tutoring college level courses in Math, Physics, and…


Member References

“Chris's experience at NASA really shined through when we talked about… Read More
on spacecraft design

Dec 12, 2016 4:39 PM

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