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Portland, OR


Jeffree White is a local multi-instrumentalist who has performed with over fifty groups in his 30+ years of playing. He is currently performing with the gypsy jazz group the Hot Club of Hawthorne, bluegrass bands Train River and the Hillwilliams, Dead tributes Grateful Buds and Ramblin' Rose, and rock band Jenny Sizzler. In recent years he has played with the groups Thermal Boogie, funky jam/prog… Read More

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I can teach you scales, the theory to apply them, and easy pattern-based tricks to form the building blocks of melodies out of them.

I have taught guitar extensively and piano too; I've taught mandolin for a couple of years now. I create my own printed materials which plot out the fretboard and spell out exercises. I'm easy-going and patient. I've played in many bands playing various styles. Lately I've played mandolin in my bluegrass band Train River ( I also lead gypsy jazz band the Hot Club of Hawthorne (and play a gypsy guitar). I believe music lessons should be accessible, so I keep my rates relatively low.

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Acoustic or electric, various styles. Chords, scales, music…



I take a visual and theoretical approach to the keyboard to…


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responsive web design
I have done a lot of hand-coded websites, but using table layouts and code… Read More
Can trade: guitar, piano, mandolin, or music theory lessons

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“Jeffrey gave me a 1-hour guitar lesson. By the end, I had a solid… Read More
on Guitar

Dec 5, 2016 10:11 PM

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