Azul Adry

condesa, MEX


I am a history lover, I studied n one of the most important Universities in my country and i decided to specialize in gender studies and mexican history. I also love mexican gastronomy and prehispanic traditions including medicine, rituals and customes.
If you come to Mexico, i can help to develop a touristic route according with your interests. I am always open to share and learn !

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Spanish, Gender studies, History

English, Photoshop, Photography, Marketing

I studied History at UNAM in Mexico City and I have acquired experience during 7 years in gender studies, mexican history, religion history and gastronomy. I have also experienced in touristic routes around my country and Europe.Currently working in an agency that helps to students and graduated to participate in international internships in the tourism field in USA and Europe.

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“Adry is an amazing communicator with a passion for teaching others. Her… Read More
on Spanish, Gender studies, History

Apr 26, 2017 6:13 PM

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