I love photography.

I also love chatting about, researching, practicing, editing, sharing knowledge about, and teaching photography.

Also, my fiancé is awesome. The travel bug sometimes bites me. I ride a skateboard.

Services Offered


Learn layers, coloring, retouching, masking, actions and a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Paid to edit in Photoshop every day and basically living in front of my computer screen, I'm a retoucher for an ecommerce studio. My education is in photography. In the past, I've held freelancing and studio positions. If you're curious about using a stylus or need some editing consulting, I'm available for that as well.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Adobe Bridge

Learn how to categorize and rate your images so you can…


Adobe Lightroom

Learn how to quickly improve your photographs with lighting…


Photography Workflow in Adobe

Here is where we'd cover how to use and move between Adobe…


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