Nikki Yeomans

Portland, OR


I am a recent college graduate from Lewis and Clark College, where I graduated with a Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology degree. In my time as a student, I worked as an Administrative Assistant, as a Peer Teacher, as a Research Assistant, and conducted a great deal of my own research. I have eight years of restaurant experience (mostly service), and pride myself greatly on my general customer… Read More

Services Offered


I can edit any type of document (be it academic based, creative writing based, newspaper related, or a grant).

I have worked as a copy editor for several college newspapers, and have also spent a good deal of time writing and editing music reviews.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


I am an experienced mentor and coach in the humanities. I…



I can help coach students/professionals in determining which…



I can help market and sell a product, and I can help with…


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