I have 6 years full-time experience in graphic design for apparel but currently work on multiple freelance projects from my home office in Brooklyn - one project currently which includes designing the next season's graphics for the NYC souvenir shops.

This past December I left a significant role in the fashion industry so that I could begin managing my own clients. With this company, I… Read More

Services Offered

Exporting Files for Print

I can give you a breakdown of what kind of design files you need for what. ie: CMYK vs. RGB

I've been doing this professionally for 6 years :)

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Business flyer, logo, t-shirt graphic for production, band…



Photo retouching - whether it is color, lighting, background…



I can show you the basics of painting and in general how to…



I can show you how to put a basic booklet together.


Presentation Book

I can help you put together a lovely presentation or…


Figure & Portrait Drawing

I can teach you the proportionally correct way to sketch a…


Web Banners

I can create or teach you how to create a stylish web banner…


Logo Design

I can teach you the most efficient way to create a clean and…


Concept Design

I can help you organize your ideas into a solid concept for…


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