Jacob Wachira Ezigbo

Portland, OR


I've been observing people since childhood, in all of the ways they relate to each other. I started drawing caricatures of my classmates in relation to the stories and activities of the school day. That is when I realized my voice can be heard, through my art. I often focus on politics, religion, love and romance. I grew up in one of the biggest slums in Kenya and have been given all of my… Read More

Services Offered


I would spend time focusing on composition, lighting, different photography techniques, and the capabilities of your camera.

I have been a wedding photographer for 4 years. I have worked on several TV shows and movies documenting the process and for publicity. My photographs have been used in advertisements and for billboards. I have had opportunities to learn various techniques from internationally recognized photographers.

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Teaching techniques using a palette knife as well as brushes…



I will show you all of the steps it takes to make your own…


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