Relevant Experience:

🌚Experience creating accessible websites in HTML5, PHP, XML/XSL, CSS3, SCSS, LESS using various tools and IDE’s such as Eclipse and Visual Studio.

🌚Fulfilled contracts and in-house development by creating, maintaining, and administering websites using Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal,… Read More


  • Tri-fold created in Adobe Illustrator

  • Cooling Bake Product Logo

  • Logo done in InkScape

  • Coin illustration Illustrator and InkScape

Services Offered

IT & Multimedia Consulting

Online or in person consultation. Written synopsis of consultation. Whitepaper or media to accompany consultation.

What qualifies me to do this is over a decade of creative and information technology experience. This along side varied pallet of proven technical and business management language skills. What makes me right for you is a die-hard work ethic and pride in my work.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Multimedia Design

Branding and Corporate, Graphic Design, Web Design, Print,…


UX & UI Design and Development

Research, IA, Wireframes & User Maps, Accesible Design,…


Member References

“Armando is a passionate web nerd : )
His relentless autodidactism makes… Read More
on IT & Multimedia Consulting

Dec 6, 2016 7:51 AM

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