Carrie Jordan

Brooklyn, NY


There isn't one thing I'm interested in, there are 100's! Slingin' drinks was my profession for many years while I was honing my photography skills, but these days I like to get my hands dirty in metal work. When I get the chance, I'm on the road traveling with my pug Clementine in our sweet 1975 Dodge Tradesman, or getting out of the country to a foreign land. I love to bake pies and chat up old… Read More

Services Offered


Taking your head shots, family or dating profile photos. Or photos of your dog. Or you and your dog. Whatever you need!

I have been a photographer for 34 years. I went to school for film photography, but also know digital. Getting the best image is my goal, and I do that by making you comfortable and making it a fun day.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

Pie Baking

I can teach you how to make a great pie crust...which is the…



I can teach you how to control a room and shake a mean drink…


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