Lesley-Anne Stormo

Spokane, WA


I am an Organizational Development and Leadership professional with more than 15 years' experience in both the public and private sectors.

Services Offered

strategic planning

Describe your situation to me or give me a tour. Tell me your goal and I'll suggest routes to achievement. Then I will guide the way.

I am an experienced strategic thinker, operational planner and tactical, hands-on professional with a track record of surreptitiously utilizing behavioral science to increase organizational effectiveness and health to ensure organizations achieve their missions. I design, deliver and facilitate programs and processes that inspire individuals to become more engaged with their work and teams, resulting in stronger organizational outcomes.

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Other Skills


If you have the images and an idea of what you want to…


writing & editing

Need something summarized or edited? Or do you need to…



Give me your data and I'll make it prettier, smarter, and…


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