Lesley-Anne Stormo

Spokane, WA


I am an Organizational Development and Leadership professional with more than 15 years' experience in both the public and private sectors.

Services Offered


If you have the images and an idea of what you want to communicate, I can weave them together with style. (Or I can teach you the basics.)

For more than a decade I have been using Photoshop to edit photos and create advertising materials. While I am not a graphic designer I am comfortable working in layers, creating paths, masking, filtering, etc. and can combine several (related) concepts into a single aesthetically pleasing image.

Knowledge level


Other Skills

writing & editing

Need something summarized or edited? Or do you need to…


strategic planning

Describe your situation to me or give me a tour. Tell me…



Give me your data and I'll make it prettier, smarter, and…


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