Andrew Hansen

Seattle, WA


I am a music producer that has a collection of original electronic productions, along with a growing collection of cinematic score material. I DJ tech house, blending in my own productions.
I'm looking to help others get past the scary hump of understanding their first Digital Audio Workstation. I want to share the knowledge that took me 6+ years to compile and learn through trial and error.
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Learn how to navigate photoshops menu's and tool's & editing / manipulating images.

I have been using photoshop for 10 years and have created images for artist marketing campaigns, business cards, websites, artwork manipulation, image restoration, and album artwork to name a few. I know how confusing the program can look at first, but once you get an understanding of where things are, Photoshop will become your new best friend.

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Learn more about music production with Ableton Live.…


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