Janelle Albukhari

Portland, OR


I'm currently a freelance writer, website designer and marketing consultant based in Portland, OR. My background has included experience as a Content Marketing Manager as well as Community and Social Media Manager for a variety of international brands. Some of my specialties include drafting editorial pieces, academic essays, creative writing and fiction, resume and interview assistance.

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Work on a business proposal, refine brand messaging/mission statement, draft value proposition, content audit, boost traffic w/ social media

I've worked in a variety of marketing positions including content marketing, social media marketing and community management for many brands. I've also worked with many startup companies to help them develop and refine a brand voice as it pertains to developing a functional content strategy. I also work with many freelance clients as a consultant on marketing strategy and have produced a white paper on the subject of choosing a content strategy.

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Work on an essay, develop a thesis statement, learn the…



Edit an essay, article, script or screenplay, personal…


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