I can help your business get online with an awesome website, but even better - set it up to test business ideas. I can do this for you in 5 days. After years of observing a traditional approach and taking 3-18 months to complete large projects, I've learned to simplify and rationalize the whole process.

Services Offered

website consultation
Help you focus the whys and hows of having a website for…
website creation
Set the goals, find the means, plan the execution, and stick…
ux design
Provide feedback on your digital assets and inspect their…
client fixer
Having trouble with a difficult client? I can help you with…
Tap my experience, history, interests and research that…

Gigs Posted

PAMR - Portfolio Selection
I need to learn more about what PAMR is, what alternatives are, how to apply it… Read More
Can pay: $50

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