David Vorona

Los Angeles, CA


I currently develop, design, and daydream with the masterminds behind HelpWith, working to bring a better platform to local artisans everywhere. In my free time, I curate music, write short stories, ski, run, and develop games. My life goal is to create something that meshes together at least three of those.

Services Offered


I can design your website, whether it's a simple gallery of Grandma's cookies for a new bakery she's opening, or the next Myspace.

I have years of experience in Javascript and the web development domain, and have developed web applications of all kinds. My knowledge encompasses client-side Javascript and Node.js in the server, and I've applied this knowledge in a variety of frameworks, from React to Angular to Express.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills


If it's something specific you want, I'm your man.…

Hourly rate varies

creative writing

Learn how to distill a message from whatever short story you…

Hourly rate varies

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