As an artist and scientist of life I delve into every corner of our world to learn, explore and teach. I have been doing visual arts such as painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design, and tattoos for as long as i could hold a brush. It wasn't until highschool however that i began to explore the joys of physical artistry, it was here I began to dance and be inspired to learn about the body,… Read More

Services Offered

Illustrator and or photoshop

Creating new images, reworking old ones, or just touching up photos. Also graphic design, page layouts, or any adobe needs!!

Associates degree in commercial art, 15 years freelancing

Knowledge level


Other Skills


Learn gymnastics in a one on one session or a group you…


Hip Hop and breakdancing

We can learn to dance in whatever style best compliments…



perfect your stroke and alignment or just learn the basics I…


Illustration, inkwork, painting

Learn how to confidently express yourself in your chosen…



How to create alignment, relaxation and energy for the rest…


personl training

How to just get fit, or become healthy, or simply have a…


Meditation, qigong, Pranayama

How to quite the mind, energies the body, accelerate…


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