Vanessa Ranney

Seattle, WA


I currently am between official jobs, as I graduated from the University of Washington in June of this year and have yet to break into a full-on career. I do photography whenever I can still, and hope to work as a photographer in a higher capacity one day. I also love marketing, event planning, and non-profit work.

Services Offered


I can teach the basics of using a professional Canon camera and some basic techniques to take better photos instantly.

I have been learning photography for 8-9 years now, and have taken 5 different school courses on it. I work as a freelance photographer and have also shot for "Seattle" magazine, the University of Washington's newspaper, "The Daily", and for Jessica Simpson's apparel line's college promo program.

Knowledge level

Hourly rate varies

Other Skills


How to use actions and other basic editing techniques to…

Hourly rate varies


I can help put your schedule into an efficient online…

Hourly rate varies

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